Best Mattress for Heavy People

Where other mattresses top out at supporting 190lbs, our mattress starts at supporting 350lbs to 500lbs per side.  Goliath Mattress System is the only mattress specifically made to support and withstand the weight of large couples for up to 15 years.  We manufactured this mattress with you in mind and only Goliath can deliver the comfort you need. We use a heavy duty bed frame with the Goliath Mattress System so you get comfort and durability.

Goliath Mattress System Rated for 350 - 500lbs per side
Embrace Frame Rated for 350 - 500lbs per side

Mattress System

Mattress, Foundation and Frame

System Rated at 350-500lbs per Side

Goliath Mattress Only
Goliath Mattress | Best Mattress For Heavy People

Goliath Mattress | Best Mattress For Heavy People

Big and Tall Mattress

Our mattress system is voted best for a big and tall individual. It was made specifically to be a plus-sized bed heavy people. I hear the stories everyday. You went to the sleep store and tried every traditional mattress the dealer had on the floor and they just don’t give you the support you need.

Shop in the comfort of you own home and stop being judged by the salesmen.  Our mattress is a specialty designed for a person who is heavier-set. If you are a big and tall person then you know what I talking about. Our Goliath Mattress gives you the support you need and durability that will last for years.

Don’t waste your money on a memory foam mattress that will break down in a short time.  Those mattresses are not designed for you. You need the Goliath. A Goliath Mattress is the very best mattress for heavy people.

FREE Tencel Sheet Set with EVERY Order a $229 Value
Cooling Tencel Covers


Goliath System

20 Year Warranty

We offer a 20 year warranty.  This 20 year warranty covers any manufacture defect on the mattress, foundation or frame.  You can sleep in confidence knowing that the Goliath will give you the support you need for years.

Goliath Mattress System

  • Made in the USA
  • Tested Material
  • Hand Made
  • Cooling Sleep
  • NO Memory Foam
  • 14″ Total Mattress Height
  • Tencel cooling Top 30% – 70% Cotton Blend

Vertical Support System

This support system is the base for our Goliath and Samson Mattress Systems.  Along with the strongest innerspring in the industry we use a vertical beams that absorbs bounce and distributes the weight across the entire mattress.  This lets you feel like you are sleeping on the mattress not “in” the mattress.  The innersprings are 6″ in height and are made of one solid piece of metal.  We make a mattress like they use to in the days when mattresses lasted 15 years.

Center Cuddle Support

We have the only center cuddle support system.  This center support will allow a couple to sleep in the center of the bed without the mattress sagging.  This patent pending support will bring back the love that other mattresses have taken away from you.

  • 3″ Golitex Cooling Latex
  • Top Layer
  • Provides Ventilation
  • Coolest Latex in the Industry
  • Do not retain body heat

The Foundation

  • Holds 2,000lbs
  • Solid Wood Design
  • 20 Years of Consistent Support
  • 9″ Standard Height

The Frame

Made in America ~ No Tool Assembly ~ Complete Seat Edge Support ~ 2000LBS Weight Capacity ~ Heart of Steel Contoured Side Rails ~ Tapered Legs ~ No Noise ~ No Flexing ~ No Sharp Edges ~ Hygienic ~ Flooring or Carpet ~ 7.5 Inch Height

heavy duty frame

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Price Table for Goliath Mattress System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is This Mattress Made For?
We designed this mattress for the Big and Tall Individual.  You must weight at lest 250lbs for the Samson to feel the benefit of the Mattress System.  The Goliath minimum requirement are 350lbs and up.  If you do not meet these requirements then a traditional mattress may be what you are looking for.
What is Included in Each System?
The Goliath and Samson include Mattress, Foundation and Frame.  To achieve the best results we recommend the system.  We have custom each piece to work together to give you the most supportive sleep.  However we now offer the mattress only if you need just the mattress.  Check it out here
What Size Foundation Do I Need?

We offer 4 sizes of Foundations.  Each foundation will change the Off the Ground Height.  You need to measure and choose what size foundation you would like according to your height.  We offer these size to make it comfortable to get in and out of the bed.

OTG (Off the Ground) Measurements

9″ with Mattress and Frame = 31″
7″ with Mattress and Frame = 29″
5″ with Mattress and Frame = 27″
3″ with Mattress and Frame = 25″

Rated for 350 - 500lb Per Side






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